Dental Cleaning

Dental cleanings are simple and effective treatments that have significant impacts on the health of your teeth and gums. At New Century Smile in Midtown East, Manhattan, George Manthas, DDS, and his team help patients maintain their oral health with convenient, professional dental cleanings. To schedule your next visit, call the New York City office to book your appointment today.

Why do I need a dental cleaning?

Regular dental cleanings are essential to preserve the health of your teeth and gums and ensure your smile lasts for years to come. Dental cleanings are your first line of defense against common oral health concerns like plaque build-up, tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease. 

Dental cleanings give the team at New Century Smile the opportunity to examine your oral health and detect any concerns as early as possible. With regular dental cleanings, you can avoid dental procedures like fillings, extractions, and root canals. 

How are dental cleanings performed?

The hygienists at New Century Smile provide convenient, comfortable, and effective dental cleanings. Dental cleanings begin with a brief oral exam to check for signs of tooth decay, gum disease, or other issues. The next step is the removal of plaque and tartar from your teeth and gum line. Your hygienist uses a unique instrument to scrape and remove the build-up. Your hygienist then uses a gritty toothpaste along with a high powered toothbrush to remove any remaining tartar and polish the surface of your teeth. 

Professional flossing follows and ensures there is no unwanted plaque build-up deep between your teeth. Flossing both at home and in the dentist’s chair is essential to preventing plaque and tartar from building up in the hard to reach areas between your teeth. 

After flossing, your hygienist may apply fluoride treatment. The fluoride treatment helps protect your teeth from tooth decay and cavities. Dental cleanings are recommended every six months. When paired with proper at-home oral hygiene, dental cleanings can help you maintain a functional, long-lasting smile. 

What should I do between dental cleanings?

Professional dental cleanings are essential to protecting the health and beauty of your smile. It’s crucial to follow proper oral hygiene — brushing and flossing at least twice per day. When plaque begins to build up, it can lead to many oral health issues, including tooth decay, tooth loss, and periodontal disease. If you’re ready for your next dental cleaning, book an appointment by phone today.


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