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Your smile says a lot about you probably more than any other physical feature. It’s the first thing other people notice. Imagine in an hours time what advantages a whiter smile can bring to your daily life. Studies have shown whiter teeth can lead to greater success in work and love, read more.

Unfortunately foods like coffee, beets, and ketchup will dull and stain our natural teeth. We offer the leader in tooth whitening Opalescence Boost™ whitening treatments provide long-lasting results. Safe and effective, Opalescence contains PF, which helps prevent cavities, reduce tooth sensitivity and improve the overall health of your enamel. After you’ve whitened your teeth, keep up those bright whites by practicing good oral hygiene and seeing our hygienist for periodic cleanings.


Advanced Whitening Options

At New Century Smile Arts, we offer two state-of-the-art whitening options:

  • Boost™ In-Office Whitening System
  • Venus White Take Home Whitening Kit

Our in-office treatment within an hours time, and our take-home remedy allows most patients to see serious results in a week. To see which teeth whitening options is the answer for you, contact us at (646) 395-3702 for our Midtown New York City dental office.

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