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With our state of the art dental technology we go a step further than the rest to assure the most acute and complete dental diagnostics are achieved. Using Digital X-rays which provide patients comfort and reduces the risk of radiation exposure. We can quickly locate, diagnose, and treatment plan on the spot. Since x-rays can only detect cavities after a significant loss of healthy tooth structure, we provide a less invasive method. Digital Analysis is another one of our state of the art dental technology’s, used here at New Century Smile. A tiny digital camera is used to detect cavities before they show up on X-rays! This allows us to attack cavities at the earliest stages combating bacteria before it becomes problematic. Even the smallest cavity can threaten the integrity of the entire tooth! Combining this tools together along with a dentist with over 22 years of experience; we diagnose with pin point accuracy.

Advantages of Early Detection:

  • Results In Fewer Expensive Procedures In The Long Run
  • Fewer Fillings And Minimal Dental Treatment Over Time
  • Latest Technology Used For Gentle Fast Exams
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