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Dental Bonding




Dr. Manthas New York State Dentist 

In the past, and in some dental offices today, amalgam fillings containing mercury are used to fill teeth that have been broken down by decay. This mercury is digested on a daily basis into your bloodstream; weakening the body ex(kidneys). It is well documented that placing amalgam fillings requires the removal of a significant amount of healthy tooth. In turn, weakening the tooth increasing the risk of further more extensive dental treatments in the future. The FDA advisory panel in 2010 warned against the use of amalgam in vulnerable patients such as children, pregnant women, hypersensitive individuals, and people with weak kidney’s. The panel insisted that the FDA had a duty to disclose amalgam’s risk to parents and consumers. However, since they won’t we will! 

Here at New Century Smile we only use resin composite that will not cause harm to the body and can match the shade of your natural tooth giving you a more presentable look! Resin like sealants interlocks into the groves reducing the risk for re-treatment. The decay is gently removed from the tooth, resin composite is than bonded to healthy tooth structure and manipulated to fill in all crevices and holes. The material is hardened using a UV light and polished to shine!

  • Easily replace Mercury Fillings With Body Friendly Resin Based Fillings!
  • Composite Fillings Improve Your Smiles Appearance
  • Composite Fillings Don’t Leak, Shrink, or Fracture
  • Improves Bodies Over All Health
  • Fix Cracks, Chips, Exposed Roots, Cavities


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New Century Smile has served Midtown New York City for more than two decades. Today, we are confident in our ability to give you the smile that you deserve. Come to our state-of-the-art facility for all of your medical and cosmetic dental needs. Schedule and appointment today.

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